Speed Painter!

Looking for something new and unique at your next event? Why not hire a Speed Painter?!  Tim Decker is a performance painter who paints celebrity and patriotic portraits live to music in roughly 5-7 minutes.

Tim’s performance can be used at charities to help raise thousands of dollars. What a unique way to incorporate a performance into a live auction.

Another way to utilize his talents could be through a reveal on stage at a corporate event, or even hire him at a trade show.  He has painted at trade shows helping draw customers into booths. Then, you can collect business cards and raffle off his painting.

Take a look at this video of his awesome work!

Charging Kiosks at Tradeshow

We came across a great website called GoChargeNow. They specialize in kiosks for mobile-device-charging. This would be a perfect fit for an exhibitor or sponsor booth at a trade show. Their newest model, the Orion, charges nearly all models of cell phones, smartphones, MP3 players, and tablets. It was designed to fit in small spaces that can be placed on a table top or mounted on the wall.

GoCharge also offers a floor model that can be fully wrapped and branded with an interactive LCD screen, a great addition for any event!