How to Promote Hashtags at Events

While browsing online, we found a great article on BizBash– 15 ways to Promote Hashtags at Events written by Rose Chevalier.

Here are a few ways to do this!

Make Staffers Wear it!:

Staffers are a common sight at events, and some event producers have put hashtags on the outfits worn by greeters, caterwaiters, or even hosts. In February, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival advertised its official Twitter phrase on the T-shirts worn by participating chefs like Rocco DiSpirito.
Photo: Elizabeth Renfrow for BizBash

Add it to the Red Carpet:

The arrival areas of events involving celebrity guests tend to draw large crowds. To turn that to their advantage, the planners behind USA Network’s upfront in New York placed a large canvas emblazoned with the official hashtag high above the carpet where passersby could see it.
Photo: Brian Brooks/MB Productions

Mark it on Tickets:

The colorful plastic and paper wristbands used at concerts, festivals, and other big events can be customized to show a designated hashtag. To encourage guests at its Party in the Gardenfund-raiser to upload photos via Instagram, the Museum of Modern Art in New York handed out entry bracelets printed with the hashtag #PitG2012.
Photo: Nadia Chaudhury/BizBash

Print it on Functional items:

A more subtle approach is to use the hashtag on the cocktail napkins. The organizers ofTravel & Leisure‘s first Social Media in Travel & Tourism Awards (the Smittys) in New York on June 7 made sure attendees saw the hashtag when grabbing a bite from a passing waiter or when taking a cocktail from the bar.
Photo: Anna Sekula/BizBash

Put it Where Guests Gather:

Bars are almost always the most crowded areas of an event, and in addition to displaying the affair’s signature cocktails, drink menus can be marked with a hashtag.
Photo: Anna Sekula/BizBash

Turn it into an Activity:

A playful, original idea created by the planners behind Travel & Leisure‘s Social Media in Travel & Tourism Awards replaced entrance bracelets with sweatbands and invited guests to embellish them with quirky pins, one of which displayed the hashtag.
Photo: Anna Sekula/BizBash