Engagement Photo Sessions 101

Recently, Kimberly, our intern interviewed photographer Cornelia Zaiss with K & K Photography to get her insight on Engagement Photo Sessions.  Below are some helpful tips….


1.Why is it important to have an engagement shoot?

It is important to have an engagement shoot, not only for the couple but for the photographer as well. Engagement Photos gives the photographer a chance to meet the clients, along with being able of having the change to allow the clients to feel comfortable with the photographer. Cornelia from K & K Photography said “ Its our number one key to be able to get to know the client. As a photographer we want them to feel comfortable, and Confident not only with themselves but with us the photographers as well”.

  1. What is the best time of day to photograph?

The best time of day to have a photo shoot is 2 hours before the sunset. Natural lights give off a beautiful background.

  1. What should couples wear?

When doing a photo shoot it is key to be not only comterable, but to also be yourself. Colors such as white for a formal event works well with a beautiful background, especially for an engagement photo shoot. Bright colors such as red and blue help the clients stand out with a clean and confident look.

  1.  Where should photo sessions take place?

When choosing a location it is important to look for a location that reflects the client, but it is also very important to find one that makes the client happy. It all varies on what type of wedding photo the couple is aiming towards. Although a couple may love the city they may not want to take their engagement photos in the city, They might want to take the photos in a garden or on the beach.

  1.  What has been your favorite engagement shoot? And why?

Down Town Photo shoot “ It was like we clicked. They were just awesome people, and we got along so well. All of their photos came out so natural looking as if they didn’t have to try and the fact that we still follow each other as friends on Facebook is soo cool. Couples like that are what make being a photographer fun”. (Cornelia from K&K Photographs)

  1.  Are there any new trends as far as shoots go: stylized, locations, etc?

Beach photo shoots are very popular in the state of Florida because of the sunset, along with the beautiful weather. Sunset weddings are unique and soft which brings out the natural side of clients who may be a little bit nervous about the shoot.

K & K Photography is one of our favorite vendors to work with!  Be sure to check out more of Cornelia’s work at www.kandkphotography.com